29 November 2011 Buffalo Board_5

Buffalo board packaging promotion – it’s good enough to eat

As the buffalo roam the Serengeti, they dream about eating ‘Mozzarella in Carozza’. Italians have been making buffalo mozzarella since the 12th century. So what on Earth does that have to do with the new Buffalo Board?! Read more

23 November 2011 Curious Postcards_3

Curious postcards – digital and offset

The enchanting Curious Collection story continues with the release of two postcards using the stunning imagery from the book. The Curious Metallics range now comes with HP Indigo certified sheets - Ice Gold Digital (120gsm, 300gsm) and Ice Silver Digital (300gsm). Read more

26 September 2011 Jack goes digital_1

Jack goes digital

Sovereign Offset, the great all-rounder adds digital to its kit. This new sheet is specially engineered to deliver outstanding print results on all digital presses and is guaranteed by HP Indigo for 100% ElectroInk adhesion. Read more

12 September 2011 Sun Offset Waterbottle_1

Here comes the Sun (again)!

We thought it was about time to welcome back some sunshine. Some of you might remember our competition from last year. Well, we couldn’t keep the Sun Art A2 coated and Sun Offset papers down for long. Read more

9 September 2011 Barry_1

Barry Bleach Board pops back into the mainstream

Barry is the type of guy to stand up and be counted. Brighter than your average board, he's super smooth and high performing. This little pop-up is a reminder that Barry is a stand-up kind of guy. Read more

6 September 2011 Conqueror_Its not what you say_7

It’s not what you say…

...it's how you say it! The promo features funny quotes like this one, loads of cheeky clichés and the five new Conqueror type faces created by Jean François Porchez, exclusively for Conqueror. Read more