So, here we are almost 6 months into a new ‘normal’. Our health and well being is tested in public and in our homes, more so than ever before.

Ball & Doggett is proud to launch exclusively in Australia a product called Airpurity. Airpurity is an eco-friendly “anti-microbial” textured adhesive film designed to be applied on any smooth surface – walls, windows, door/hand rails, shopping trolleys – the location is really up to your imagination. It can simultaneously deodorise and purify the surrounding air (combating odours including perspiration, foot, food waste and urine odours and formaldehyde a known carcinogen) and through the surface of the material and on contact can kill 99.9% of germs -staphylococcus aureus, klebsiella pneumonia, escherichia coli and salmonella – the most commonly found germs found in our society .

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As the world has changed so quickly, so have the needs of our customers. During the days of social distancing and staying at home, the job of visual communication has become even more important. From cafes to retail stores, healthcare sites to transforming our home space, we’ve seen an increase in questions being asked regarding what materials and products we have to suit.

Whether it’s floor graphics so people know where to stand, signage so customers know about changes in office hours, way finding, inspiring substrates for a home office/play area or takeaway menus you can adapt weekly – there’s an idea below for you in our go-to guide covering the best materials from our Display & Visual (wide format), Small Format Digital and Graphics divisions.

For more detailed information, specifications, applications and features regarding the list of essential materials, please download the PDF’s:

Display & Visual essentials
Small Format Digital essentials
Graphics essentials

If there is anything in the list of indoor and outdoor materials that you need more information on, please reach out to your B&D rep. If you don’t have a rep, please email and one of the team will point you in the right direction.

Lastly, click here for a collection of COVID-19 campaign resources created by the Australian Department of Health which includes templates for posters and signage.

Now more than ever you may need high quality, quick turnaround signage and print materials to communicate effectively to different audiences. From floor to ceiling, we have a range to make sure staff and customers alike are kept well informed and protected.

  • Hanging posters – Pearl Hi Bulk Artboard, Store Banner Opacified
  • Floor graphics eg social distancing signage, directional signage – EZ Floor, Mastertac Alu-Foil
  • Window graphics eg cautionary signs – Jellyfish White & Optically Clear Film, Yupo Octopus, Spider Dot
  • Outdoor signage eg A frames – Katz Outdoor Display Board, Onyx Flute
  • Indoor signage/advertising – Avery Dennison MPI 2611, Avery Dennison MPI 8520, Avery Dennison MPI 8826
  • Hand sanitiser signage – Yupo Octopus Laser
  • Charts & logbooks – Supreme Laser
  • Room door hangers – DigiTuff Synthetic
  • Patient badges – DigiTuff Synthetic
  • Bathroom mirror signage – Raflatac Digital
  • Safety signage – Raflatac Digital
  • Public announcement/brochure/info guides – Sovereign Coated
  • Sanitiser station – Envirocore Board

Please click on the links below to access product sheets for some key products mentioned above:



SFD blog post #1

Changes to hours of operations, menus, services available, rules etc are changing regularly. Our range has plenty of options to make it easier for businesses to communicate important changes whether it’s indoor or outdoor signage you need. For example, we have floor graphics to show customers the safe distance to stand while queuing and the media can be applied to everything from carpet to concrete, indoor or outdoor (and there’s no need for lamination, just print and go).

  • Hanging posters for way finding – Pearl Hi Bulk Artboard, Store Banner Opacified Artboard
  • Floor graphics eg social distancing applications, way finding – EZ Floor, Mastertac Alu-Foil
  • Window graphics eg promos, instore advertising, POS – Jellyfish White & Optically Clear Film, Yupo Octopus, Spider Dot
  • Outdoor signage eg A-frames, bollards, pop-up displays – Katz Outdoor Display Board, Onyx Flute
  • Indoor signage/advertising – Avery Dennison MPI 2611, Avery Dennison MPI 8520, Avery Dennison MPI 8826, DigiTuff Synthetic Adhesive range (permanent, cling, ultra removable)
  • Car livery for delivery drivers – Magnegrip Vehicle Magnet
  • Shelf wobblers – DigiTuff Synthetic
  • Shelf signage – Supreme Laser
  • Social distancing signage – Adestor Digital, Yupo Octopus Laser
  • Cashier signage – DigiTuff Synthetic
  • Takeaway menus – DigiTuff Synthetic Recycled
  • At home kits (DIY) – Barry Bleach Board
  • Posters – King Kong Hi bulk
  • Takeaway boxes – Barry Uncoated (white), Buffalo Board (natural kraft look), Simcote (good for freezer/fridge).
  • Packaging re online purchases – Barry Uncoated (white), Buffalo Board (natural kraft look).

Please click on the links below to access product sheets for some key products mentioned above:

SFD blog post #3




SFD blog post #2


From home schooling children to home offices, our sanctuary has now become much more! And to those of us not already used to working from home, we have some inspiring materials that can help transform your space and keep the kids entertained at the same time.

  • Colouring books – Supreme Laser, Grange Laser
  • Desks/book shelves/tables – Envirocore Board
  • Personalised puzzles – Barry Bleach Board, Incada Silk
  • Sticker books – Adestor Digital
  • Magnet story books – Magnecote Digital
  • Kids vegie garden spikes – DigiTuff Synthetic, Enviro Board
  • Arts & crafts – Grange System Board/ Kaskad Tints
  • Card games – DigiTuff Synthetic
  • Memory cards – King Kong Hi Bulk
  • Activity planner & schedule – Yupo Octopus Laser/Blue
  • Magnet learning numbers/letters – Magnecote Digital
  • Notepads – Supreme Laser
  • Calendars – Silk-hd Matt
  • Wall graphics – Avery Dennison MPI 2611, Avery Dennison MPI 8520, Avery Dennison MPI 8826
  • Reusable wall graphics – Tacky Toner White cling
  • Communication/vision walls – MagneGrip Paint, Mastertac Dry Erase Laminate



Washing your hands properly is one of the most important things you can do to help prevent and control the spread of many illnesses. Good hand hygiene will reduce the risk of things like flu, food poisoning and healthcare associated infections being passed from person to person. Our Graphics division has some key items for this purpose.

  • Citrus Hand Cleaner
  • Works Biodegradable Hand Cleaner

To all of our print customers, we have a range of press chemistry products to keep your machines running more efficiently during this time where you may be experiencing the need for even faster turnaround times.

  • Resista Quickfast Offset ink – a specialised ink technology process ink set for printing on critical substrates, formulated on the basis of renewable raw materials. The ideal process series for matt coated or uncoated stocks when fast post print finishing is required.
  • Supa workshop cleaner – a highly concentrated water-based heavy duty cleaner and degreaser. Provides fast, effective and economical cleaning for extensive purposes.
  • Fountain solutions eg Combidry, Hydrofix B, Direct Fluid.
  • Gums eg Supa Pure Gum Arabic, Supa Gum Washout
  • Press aids eg gelled tack reducer, anti-tone paste, speedy dry, anti-foam etc.
  • Plate cleaner
  • IPA – reduces the surface tension of the dampening solution, ensures more effective wetting of the rollers and printing plate, stabilises the ink-water balance.
  • Artemas Wash 60 Plus – a new improved formulation roller and blanket was that incorporates a unique emulsifier and solvent blend to provide vastly superior ink solvency.
  • Spray powders – K4 and S5 ranges.
  • Aerosolve eg Aerolube WD, anti static, ink remover, spray adhesive etc.