6 June 2017 Opus_4

Opus on Hutt St by Black Sheep Advertising

The marketing suite by Black Sheep Advertising for Opus on Hutt Apartments in Adelaide is next level on the tactile scale. Read more

30 May 2017 Copper_1

Matte Gold Embellishments

Foilmaster Matt Murcott, Director of Matte Gold printing, shares his love of the trade and his dream to work with Midnight Oil. Read more

15 May 2017 Pent_3

Planned Parenthood signage by Pentagram

We spotted this great example of wide format media on the Pentagram blog. Paula Scher and her team have created a beautiful mural for Planned Parenthood in New York. Read more

14 May 2017 Crux_9

The Crux & Co. brand identity by Hue Studio

We got the low down from Vian at Hue Studio about the importance of collaborative working relationships and how branding impacts the customer experience. Read more

10 May 2017 Strath_1

Mohawk + The Strathmore paper company

When Mohawk uncovered over a century's worth of American graphic design. The Strathmore Archive is a beautiful collection of works from some of the best designers of the 20th century. Read more

10 May 2017 Alquimie_11

Interview with Alquimie magazine’s Nicholas Cary

A magazine about the culture and stories behind drinks? Yes please! Beautifully designed with compelling content, Alquimie is part magazine, part collector's item and published right here in Australia. Read more