Airpurity is an eco-friendly material that is applied with new technologies for deodorization and air purification. It is catalyzed by germs and odour factors that cause pathogenic bacteria and odours in the air, so it inhibits germs and removes all odours, including sweat, smell, foot smell and formaldehyde from carcinogen. Airpurity absorbs and eliminates odorous molecules simultaneously. The odorous molecules are absorbed into the polymer structure substrates by physicochemcial interaction and are decomposed by reactive chemical oxidation.

Additional Information

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Key features

  • Anti-bacterial functionality - interfering and destroying formation of cell membrane formation
  • Easy to use
  • High quality printing with vivid images
  • Long term use, effective elimination of odours and germs
  • Self adhesive with an easy to remove backing
Adhesive Liner Width mm Length m
Removable PE 1270 30

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