Cleaning Agents

Prisco Paste

Formulated for deep cleaning of your press rollers. This cleaning paste contains particles that will remove glazes, ink and impurities from your ink rollers.


A creamy-white emulsion that acts as a rubber deglazer, cleaner and conditioner. It contains plasticisers that help prevent premature hardening of rollers and blankets, while providing deep cleaning action during wash-ups and colour changes. Eezy-Klene has a flash point of more than 100 degrees celsius.

E-Cure MRC

A high strength fast drying cleaner for metering rollers used with UV, HUV, LE-UV, EB and hybrid inks. The product is designed to deep clean metering rollers and return them to optimum printing condition. The product has a flash point of 37 degrees celsius.

Chrome Roller Cleaner

Formulated as a heavy-duty cleaner and desensitiser for chrome dampening rollers.

Force 40

A universal, high powered, solvent fortified, non-combustible shop, office and industrial cleaner. It is ideal for press side frames and general press cleaninig as it is abrasive free so it leaves no gritty residue.

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