ClingZ Indigo

ClingZ HP Indigo is an electrically charged polypropylene film for printing on HP Indigo series 5000, 5500, 7000, 10000 (white) digital colour presses. ClingZ is a versatile material, leaves no residue and is perfect for applications up to 3 months.

Additional Information

Clingz is easy to use. Simply remove the ClingZ film from the backer and place on any indoor surface. When you want to remove it, just peel it off in seconds – there’s no sticky residue. Adheres to surfaces such as glass, drywall, metal, plastic, wood, brick and marble.

Key features

  • 100% Recyclable
  • Available also in B2 size
  • Clinging to glass, drywall, wood, brick and marble without an adhesive
  • Easy to use
  • Eletricially charged polypropele film for printing on HP Indigo presses
  • Indoor use

Suitable applications

  • Point of sales
  • Promotions
  • Small posters
  • Variable data direct mail
  • Window graphics


GSM UMS Colour Sheet Size mm
278 57 White 320 x 460 Order sample
278 57 White 520 x 749 Order sample

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