Prisco AquaFlo

  • Prisco MiniFlo series, 125-50: 475 litres per day
  • AquaFlo II series AF 300: 1100 litres per day
  • AquaFlo II series AF 900: 3400 litres per day
  • AquaFlo II series AF1600: 6000 litres per day

Prisco Tech Water Filteration Equipment

To standardise the water you get all year round with systems suited to small and large press rooms.

AquaMix IV Blender

We are pleased to introduce the AquaMix IV Blender which utilises the Hydroblend pump with either a single or dual injector, housed in a redesigned stainless steel cabinet.

This new design now incorporates the pre filter housing and mixing chambers inside of the cabinet which allows for a more compact installation and consistant metering of fountain solution.

By combining a PriscoTech AquaFlo and AquaMix blender, day to day water variables are virtually eliminated.

PriscoTech Aqueous and UV Coating TOTE Rack

Designed for those customers that require a centralised distribution system for their coating products (Also available for fountain solution and adhesives).

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