Giroform Carbonless – Coated Front

Giroform CF (Coated Front) bottom sheet is a non-carbon fine paper, that is superbly flexible in application when producing forms. Sharp and distinctive black image impression, superior press performance and excellent bulk and opacity. Technical and consumer handbooks available, Trialing recommended for digital printing and is available in 5 colours.

This product is stocked in jumbo reels and is converted to a selection of sizes.

Key features

  • A non-carbon fine paper
  • Available in 5 colours
  • Bottom Sheet
  • Excellent bulk and opacity
  • Sharp, distinctive black image impression
  • Superbly flexible in application when producing forms
  • Superior press performance
  • Technical and consumer handbooks available
  • Trialling recommended for digital

Suitable applications

  • Forms
Product name GSM Colour Length m
Giroform CF 55 Blue 10500
Giroform CF 55 Green 10500
Giroform CF 55 Pink 10500
Giroform CF 55 Yellow 10500
Giroform CF 55 White 10500
Giroform CF 80 White 5250
Giroform CF: Digital 80 White 5250
Giroform CF: Tag 130 130 White 5250

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