GMUND Heidi*

* This brand is discontinued


Gmund Heidi is a reclaimed paper built for letterpress and offset printing. It is manufactured from 100% post consumer recycled material. Colour variations and differences in the surfaces from sheet to sheet, as well as frequent inclusions and impurities, are characteristics of this natural product. Each sheet is different. Each sheet is unique. Manufactured by Gmund GmbH (Germany).

Suitable applications

  • Brochures
  • Cards
  • Covers
  • Invitations
  • Packaging

Environmental credentials

GMUND Heidi is manufactured from 100% post consumer recycled material and is ISO 9001 accredited. GMUND Paper owns a unique Ozone-based purification plant. The coloured production water is cleaned only by Ozone (O3), avoiding any additional aggressive chemicals. As a result, the water can be re-used several times. Not only has the water consumption been reduced significantly, the specific effluent consumption decreased by half in comparison to the conventional fabrication of coloured papers.


Finish GSM Colour Sheet Size mm (Bold = grain direction)
Vellum 330 Faded Grey 700 x 1000*
Vellum 530 Faded Grey 700 x 1000*
* Discontinued - Subject to availability

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