Manilla Board

A strong hi-density all purpose manilla board suitable to use for files, folders, index cards and general presentation material. Imported Manilla Board is manufactured by International Paper (USA).

Key features

  • PEFC certified
  • All purpose manilla board
  • ECF Elemental chlorine free
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
  • Sold in mill packs only
  • Suitable for files, folders and index cards

Price guide


Environmental credentials

Imported Manilla Board is produced with PEFC certified fibre sourced from responsibly managed forests and is made with elemental chlorine free pulp.


Finish GSM UMS Colour Sheet Size mm (Bold = grain direction)
Smooth 202 279 Buff 760 x 1020
Smooth 244 284 Buff 760 x 1020
Smooth 285 330 Buff 760 x 1020
Smooth 325 381 Buff 760 x 1020

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