MA40 grade digital foil will only adhere to the digital dry toner ink applied, which eliminates the need for specialty UV finishing methods. MA40 foil to use in the omnicrom system, on toner reactive application. Also suitable for specific plastics applications such as low & high density polyethylene, with medium release and fine to medium coverage. Application Temperature: 120-180°C.

Key features

  • Digital sleeking print

Suitable applications

  • Toner reactive
Finish Foil Colour Grade
Gloss Digital Foil Blue MA40
Gloss Digital Foil Copper MA40
Gloss Digital Foil Gold MA40
Matt Digital Foil Gold MA40
Gloss Digital Foil Green MA40
Gloss Digital Foil Red MA40
Gloss Digital Foil Silver MA40
Matt Digital Foil Silver MA40

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