Mactac Thermal Transfer – Optiscan

Mactac Thermal Transfer Optiscan (Infusion) is a premium thermal transfer paper with a quick tack permanent adhesive and a 2.45 semi bleached calendared kraft liner. The entire construction converts and prints on wider webs and higher-speeds than typical adhesive coated papers.

Mactac Thermal Transfer Optiscan (640AT) is a premium thermal transfer paper with an all temperature permanent adhesive and a 2.45 white calendared kraft liner.

Key features

  • Designed for high-speed thermal transfer printing
  • Excellent smooth and smudge resistant face stock
  • Performs well in normal to freezer temperature applications

Suitable applications

  • Freezer and fridge applications
  • Fridge product labels
  • Labels
Face Stock Adhesive Liner Width mm Length m
Thermal Transfer Infusion HM White Glassine 990 1524
Thermal Transfer 640AT Acrylic - Freezer White Glassine 990 1524

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