Moroccan Canvas

Moroccan Canvas Premium is poly cotton blend which is acid free, mould made.
Moroccan Canvas Satin has a micro porous surface with excellent stretch and no cracking.

Both products can be used for prints and poster reproductions, requiring the look and feel of a true artist canvas.

Key features

  • Excellent image definition
  • Excellent stretch - no cracking
  • Premium - Mould made
  • Premium - Poly cotton blend, acid free and instant dry
  • Premium & Satin - Used for prints and posters offering the look and feel of a true artist canvas
  • Satin - 100% cotton
  • Satin - Micro fibre for superior quality, fast drying
  • Satin - Mirco porous surface
  • Satin - Stable smooth satin surface

Suitable applications

  • Art work replicas
  • Fine art reproduction
  • POS Applications
  • True Artist canvas reproduction
Finish GSM Width mm Length m
Canvas Satin 350 610, 1118 15
Canvas Premium 350 1118 12

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