New V Pack – Pantone

New V Pack Pantone is especially suited to printing high quality cosmetics packaging and secondary food packaging. With its low odour, this UV offset ink is designed for packaging and commercial printing. Printing processes are UV sheet-fed offset, UV letterpress, UV narrow web offset.

Key features

  • Fast and immediate curing
  • High colour intensity
  • High fount solution tolerance
  • ITX-free formula
  • Low odour formulation
  • Quick adjustment of the ink/water balance

Suitable applications

  • Commercial printing
  • Cosmetic packaging
  • Secondary food packaging
Colour Size Packaging
Warm Red 2.5 kg Tin
Dense Black 2.5 kg Tin
Process Blue 2.5 kg Tin
Reflex Blue 2.5 kg Tin
Trans White 2.5 kg Tin
Yellow 2.5 kg Tin
Rubine Red 2.5 kg Tin
Black 2.5 kg Tin
Green 2.5 kg Tin
Orange 021 2.5 kg Tin
Red 032 2.5 kg Tin
Rhodamine Red 2.5 kg Tin
Purple 2.5 kg Tin
Violet 2.5 kg Tin
Blue 072 2.5 kg Tin

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