Plasnet PP

Plasnet SC grade is a single structure white calandered polypropylene sheet especially formulated to exhibit high stiffness and whiteness. Its heavier weight, stiff, cardboard type quality lends itself to applications requiring bulk, rigidity and resistance to flexing.

PLASNET SX is a White Calendared Polyolefin Sheet, uniquely manufactured to exhibit an extremely high tensile strength for applications requiring resistance to tearing and/or stretching. Its unique surface treatment also enables printing via screen, offset, gravure, flexography, letterpress and thermal transfer.

PLASNET TX Grade is a single structure White Calendared Polypropylene Sheet especially formulated to feel and handle like conventional paper. Its unique surface treatment enables printing via screen, offset, gravure, flexography, letterpress, thermal transfer as well as some digital printers. Its strong, soft, flexible structure suits most printing applications where durability and a paper-like feel are required. Poster Display, Label & Tag, also suitable for IML.

Key features

  • SX, TX & SC: Treated on both sides 4
  • SC: High tensile strength
  • SC: Matt finish both sides
  • SC: Outstanding anti-static properties
  • SC: Superior stiffness
  • SX, TX & SC: Easy cutting, perforating and folding
  • SX, TX & SC: Excellent printability and adhesion
  • SX: Excellent cold crack resistance
  • SX: Excellent UV stability
  • SX: Superior Strength
  • TX: Excellent cold crack -40 degree

Suitable applications

  • Geological maps
  • Hiking trail maps
  • Luggage Tags
  • Maps
  • Marine repair tags
  • Posters
  • Promotional pieces
  • Promotions
  • Tree tags
Product name UMS Width mm Length m
Plasnet PP - SH Grade 95 1020 6000
Plasnet PP - SX Grade 100 1380 2000
Plasnet PP - TX Grade 150 1250 2000
Plasnet PP - SX Grade 150 1332 2500
Plasnet PP - TX Grade 180 1332 2000
Plasnet PP - SX Grade 200 1332 2000
Plasnet PP - SC Grade 250 1332 2000
Plasnet PP - SC Grade 350 1020 500

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