Resista Quickfast

A process ink set is for printing on critical substrates. These inks are available in non-stay-open and conditional stay-open version. The ideal process series for matt-coated or uncoated stocks when fast post print finishing is required.

Additional Information

2kg Cartridge (12kg per Box)
2.5kg Tins (10kg per Box)

Key features

  • Certified and recommended for printing according to Cradle-to-Cradle
  • Colour shades in compliance with ISO 2846-1 (independently certified by Fogra)
  • Duct fresh
  • Especially apt for printing on critical paper grades
  • Excellent rub resistance
  • Extremely fast, oxidative drying
  • Fast post-print finishing under high mechanical stress
  • High fountain solution tolerance
  • Ideally suitable for IPA-free printing
  • Maximum stability in the production run
  • Optimised carboning characteristics
  • Particularly suitable for printing on critical paper grades
  • Perfectly fit for print production according to ISO 12647-2
  • Suitable for latest high speed printing machines
  • Very fast and thorough oxidative drying
  • Very good gloss

Suitable applications

  • Offset printing
Colour Size Packaging
Yellow 2.5 kg Tin
Magenta 2.5 kg Tin
Cyan 2.5 kg Tin
Black 2.5 kg Tin
Yellow 2 kg Cartridge
Magenta 2 kg Cartridge
Cyan 2 kg Cartridge
Black 2 kg Cartridge

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