A white uncoated woodfree security paper with low fluorescence and in-built chemical security features, designed to meet requirements specified by Australian Payments Clearing Association (APCA) for production of cheques and deposit forms.

This product is stocked in jumbo reels and converted to a selection of sizes.

**Plain is discontinued**

Key features

  • Consistent thickness and stiffness properties ensure trouble free running through reader sorter processes of MICR encoded documents.
  • Low level fluorescence ensures accuracy of data recognition and retrieval via OCR and OMR applications
  • Produced with sensitizing agents which changes the papers colour when contact is made with solvents and other chemicals
  • Superior fibre and moisture controls deliver high speed processing efficiencies through preprint, laser and direct mail production enviornments

Suitable applications

  • Cheques
  • Forms

Environmental credentials

This paper complies with ISO 9706, the International Standard for Permanent Papers. This compliance also indicates the product is both lignin and acid free and is also PEFC certified Australian made.


Product name GSM
Plain 86
Sensitised 86

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