Silk-hd Digital Gloss

Silk-hd Digital Gloss, the benchmark A2+ coated art paper has a smoothness that delivers the perfect surface for offset and digital printing. It has excellent stiffness and bulk properties as well as high whiteness. Silk-hd Digital Gloss offers superb color reproduction and print and is available in text and cover weight. Manufactured by Oji Paper Company (Japan). Silk-hd Digital Gloss is now HP Indigo certified in all gsm.

Additional Information

PH value of Silk-hd is 6.5

Key features

  • FSC certified
  • ECF Elemental chlorine free
  • Excellent bulk and opacity
  • FSC (CoC) Mixed Sources certified
  • Manufactured under ISO14001 Environment
  • Optional carbon neutral
  • Suitable for Dry Toner
  • Suitable for HP Indigo and Dry Toner
  • Suitable for offset printing

Suitable applications

  • Annual reports
  • Brochures
  • Business
  • Business cards
  • Cards
  • Corporate reports
  • Direct mail
  • DL cards
  • Flyers
  • High end packaging
  • Invitation / Reminder cards
  • Invitations
  • Magazines
  • Maps
  • Menus
  • Presentation material
  • Suitable for embossing, foiling iand letterpress
  • Swing tags

Environmental credentials

Silk-hd Digital Gloss is manufactured by Oji Paper and is FSC Mix Certified Pulp and made Elemental Chlorine Free. Silk-hd Digital Gloss is available with the option of having the goods available as Carbon Neutral. Environmental Management System accreditation ISO 14001.


Finish GSM UMS Colour Sheet Size mm
Gloss 150 127 White 320 x 450, 450 x 320 Order sample
Gloss 210 202 White 320 x 450, 450 x 320 Order sample
Gloss 256 257 White 450 x 320 Order sample
Gloss 300 310 White 450 x 320 Order sample
Gloss 350 362 White 450 x 320 Order sample
Gloss 400 408 White 450 x 320 Order sample

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