Supa Premium Varnish – Gloss

Supa High Gloss Varnish is an oil-based varnish with a very high degree of gloss quick setting and short oxidative drying characteristics, best suited for use on absorbent substrates. The varnish can be applied as a spot gloss or as an overall solid (dry offset) wet on wet or wet on dry over conventional inks.

Additional Information

Key features

  • Best suited for use on absorbent substrates
  • Fast oxidative drying
  • Fast setting
  • Good rub resistance
  • Little tendency to yellowing
  • Oil based varnish
  • Very good pile behaviour
  • Very high gloss

Suitable applications

  • Applied via an offset printing unit
  • Can be applied as a spot gloss or overall solid (dry offset printing)
  • Suitable for wet-on-wet or wet-on-dry printing
Product name Finish Size
OPV High Gloss 10 kg, 2.5 kg

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