Teslin Digital

A durable and waterproof synthetic that is suitable for Dry Toner and HP Indigo printing. Teslin PE substrate does not require a coating to run, unlike many other substrates. It also provides a stiffer, crisper feel for more difficult print engine feeders. Printing methods include: Offset Flexography, Gravure, Thermal transfer inkjet (pigment based) and Digital printing.

Additional Information

Key features

  • 100% Recyclable
  • Dry Toner suitable
  • Durable
  • Waterproof

Suitable applications

  • Airline & hospital tray liners
  • Amusement park guides
  • Boat manuals
  • Childrens books
  • Contruction plans
  • Cook books
  • Engineering catalogues
  • Flight manuals
  • Geological maps
  • Hiking trail maps
  • Horticultural tags
  • ID Cards
  • Landscaping manuals

Environmental credentials

Teslin, substrate and the environment click here


Finish GSM UMS Colour Sheet Size mm
Matt 115 178 White 320 x 450 Order sample
Matt 167 254 White 320 x 450 Order sample

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