Wausau Squeezable Polyolefin – Indigo

A print treated squeezable polyolefin film available in clear or white with an SC66 supercalendered bleached liner. Top coated and optimised for HP Indigo presses, this label has an excellent print surface for great ink adhesion and good die-cutting properties. An excellent facestock for squeezable, conformable labels, tubes and even molded containers. Exclusive to Ball & Doggett and manufactured by Wausau.

Clear – 87.5micron facestock with a PCT245 general permanent adhesive.

White – 75micron facestock with either PCT245 general permanent adhesive or i8308 adhesive, an ultra-aggressive permanent designed for difficult to label surfaces.

Key features

  • A print treated polyolefin film available in a white 75micron or clear 87.5micron facestock
  • Exclusive to Ball & Doggett
  • i8308 - ultra aggressive permanent adhesive designed for difficult to label surfaces
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
  • PCT245 - general permanent adhesive
  • SC66 - supercalendered bleached liner with superior die-cutting and stripping properties
  • Top coated surface optimised for HP Indigo presses

Suitable applications

  • Moulded Containers
  • Squeezable and Conformable Labels
  • Tubes

Environmental credentials

Manufactured in a facility with ISO 14001 EMS accreditation.


Face Stock Adhesive Liner Width mm Length m
White Squeezable PE i8308 Ultra Aggressive Permanent Kraft SC66 330 1524
Poly White Squeezable PE PCT245 General Permanent Kraft SC66 330 1524
Poly Clear Squeezable PE PCT245 General Permanent Kraft SC66 330 1524

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