Yenom Bright Foil

An aluminum foil laminated to a white woodfree printing paper. Avvailable in two bright finishes – Bright Silver and Bright Gold. It exhibited excellent water resistance. Suitable for printing by all conventional printing techniques. Please contact your ink supplier before printing on this product. We recommend for UV letterpress to contact Toyo Ink and Flint Ink for flexography printing.

Key features

  • Bright Silver or Gold lamimated to a woodfree white paper
  • Compliant for food packaging and food processing

Suitable applications

  • For Food, pharmaceutical and Industrial labelling and films
  • Gourmet Foods
  • High end packaging
  • Point of Sale applications
  • Prestigious labelling
Face Stock Adhesive Liner Width mm Length m
Bright Gold Foil TP43 Acrylic WG62 White Glassine 1000 500
Bright Silver Foil TP43 Acrylic WG62 White Glassine 1000 500

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