Yenom Metallised Silver BOPP Top Coated

A metallised top-coated BOPP film with high sheen and bright metallic appearance. The coated print surface provides outstanding ink adhesion and is compatible with UV letterpress, UV flexo, water-based flexo, UV flatbed and rotary screen ink systems.

Key features

  • High sheen and bright metallic appearance
  • Metallised top-coated BOPP film

Suitable applications

  • Food packaging
  • Fridge product labels
  • Labels
  • Prestigious labelling
  • Wine, beer, spirit labels
Face Stock Adhesive Liner Width mm Length m
BOPP 50 CT WP04 Acrylic - Without Tackifier PET30 1000 500
BOPP 50 CT WP04 Acrylic - Without Tackifier WG62 White Glassine 1000 500

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