Yenom Pearl White BOPP Corona Treated

A pearl-white BOPP film with high brilliance and internal reflectivity. It can be printed by normal lithographic ink, letterpress, screen, flexo and gravure using UV, solvent or water-based inks. In-line corona treatment is recommended to improve ink anchorage.

Additional Information

*CT(Corona Treated)-All Yenom CT materials are corona-treated at the time of production. Corona treatment level will deteriorate over time, storage and shipping conditions. It is highly recommended that in-line corona treatment be used for all Yenom CT materials to ensure good ink anchorage and high printability of the products.

Key features

  • A pearl-white BOPP film
  • High brilliance and internal reflectivity
  • Meets requirements for indirect food packaging
  • Yenom CT materials are corona-treated at the time of production

Suitable applications

  • Health and beauty
  • High end packaging
  • Labels
Face Stock Adhesive Liner Width mm Length m
BOPP 60 CT TP42 Acrylic WG62 White Glassine 1000 500

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