Yupo Octopus – UV Inkjet Outdoor WKO280

YUPO OCTOPUS BLUE OUTDOOR adopts a newly developed original micro-suction layer that is now suitable for outdoor use (previously only limited to indoor use). Retaining the same performance such as durability and water resistance now with the added feature of withstanding outdoor conditions.

Additional Information

Car outdoor sticker outside peel secruity pic

Key features

  • 100% bubble free
  • Adheres to smooth surfaces using suction technology, leaves no residue
  • New generation suction type film
  • Suitable for outdoor applications
  • Tear and weather resistant
  • Water proof, chemical and oil resistant

Suitable applications

  • Outdoor use
  • Point of sale
  • POS Display & Signage
  • Shop fittings
  • Stickers & labels
  • Vehicle signage

Environmental credentials

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GSM UMS Adhesive Width mm Length m
199 280 Suction 1270 50

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