Pedigree Paper is the wholesale division of our business. As a wholesale distributor of paper we offer high volume value for even the smallest orders.

You can buy papers and boards by the sheet, envelopes and labels in loads of different colours and textures. At Pedigree Paper we’ll help you select the right product for anything from wedding or birthday invitations to office stationery. And no, we definitely don’t sell dogs! Once you’ve chosen what you need, we’ll deliver your order anywhere in Australia. We can mail samples to you too.

We operate in Sydney and Melbourne. You can phone or email an order through. Details are:

Melbourne: Please contact Gloria or Ashleigh on 03 8794 3530/
Sydney: Please contact Chris on 02 8863 1200/

We are in the process of creating an online store. If you’re keen to find out about the release visit and sign-up to the newsletter, so that you’re one of the first to know about the launch date. You can also follow Pedigree Paper on Facebook for any sales, latest product releases and some design inspiration too.