Metallic, holographic, pigment, digital, hot and cold foils. We’ve got them all, and then some. Our flagship brands include API, Crown, Specter and Dragon with specific ranges for different applications like wine, plastics, clothing and paper. Foil requires some technical know-how so here you’ll find the full data specifications. To view our colours or to find out more please speak with our samples department.
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AV Has an easy release system, a heavy adhesive coat ideal for large area stamping. Great on textured surfaces.
CEA A high gloss finished foil.
CFHU A cold holographic foil used in the label industry.
D4 A seamless clear holographic foil for coated paper, carton board, OPP, PE, PVC substrates and labels.
DF A general purpose metallic hot foil.
DF+ A general purpose metallic hot foil.
DF1 A metallic hot foil, ideal for general purpose applications.
DS2 A metallic hot foil, suitable for large solid area coverage.
DS256104 A holographic seamless foil.
EZ The most versatile pigment foil available with a semi-gloss pigment for plastics.
GT The industry standard for high-speed lettering and date coding.
KBB A metallic hot foil that is suitable for satin ribbons.
KC Heat resistance and low temperature application make it ideal for foiling on to acetate laminates.
KK A metallic hot foil that provides a 'bronzed ink' or metallic flake to any design.
L4 For the carton, label and greeting cards market.
L4-HK The most versatile diffraction foil which is suitable for a wide range of applications.
MA40 A digital foil that will only adhere to the digital dry toner ink applied.
MC A high specification foil that is able to work on a number of different applications.
MCU A metallic hot foil that can be used in a wide range of applications.
MG Recommended for textile printing with adhesive.
MH For uncoated paper and board, larger areas and applications combining foiling and embossing.
MK88 A metallised foil primary for MGI digital machines.
MK90 An excellent grade for large area coverage on MGI and digital dry toner ink.
mV Plus This product is so versatile, it is the ‘go to’ grade for a whole variety of applications.
OR A highly over-printable metallic foil, and is applied at high speed.
PG A newly developed premium grade matt pigment hot stamping foil.
RI A pearl foil with easy release.
SG A general purpose metallic foil, suitable for a wide range of applications and hot foiling machines.
T140 A premium metallic hot foil that can be used on a wide range of graphics substrates.
TA The latest innovation in the cold foil range for narrow web presses.
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