Our graphics division offers everything from premium inks from Huber, varnishes, coatings, blankets, press room chemistry to consumables. We have ink mixing facilities in most capital cities and an experienced team of technical experts that work in our graphics division across Australia. They really know their stuff and they’re always on-hand to provide you with the best product for your job and service support.

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Aerosolve A range of Aerosolve products.
Artemas Wash 60 Water miscible roller and blanket wash.
Blanket Washes A range of blanket washes.
Fountain Solutions – Sheetfed Plate A range of fountain solutions.
Gums – Supa A range of gums.
IPA Reduces the surface tension of the dampening solution.
Novawash Universal Plus Medium drying, water miscible roller and blanket wash.
Plate Cleaner A range of plate cleaners.
Press Aids (Kgs) Press Aids - Packaging per kg.
Press Aids (Litres) Press Aids - Packaging per Litres.
Spray Powders K4 and S5 range of anti set-off powders.
Supa DP UV Wash DP UV wash is specially designed for the cleaning of UV inks.
Supa Enviro Wash A general purpose water miscible blanket wash.
Supa LE UV Wash LE UV Wash for offset machines using UV curing inks and / or varnishes.
Supa Workshop Cleaner Water based heavy duty cleaner and degreaser.
Items 1-15 of 15
Show 30 | 60 per page