Labels & Packaging includes a myriad of products like pressure sensitive label material, synthetics, form products, decorative and thermal ticketing grades. Our state-of-the-art converting facility means that we can provide rolls configured to be press ready. Our products are backed by our specialist teams including dedicated sales and technical support.
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ACPO Self Wound Laminate Laminate that is capable of wrapping around its substrate with ease. $$$$$
Adestor Direct Thermal Eco Non top-coated standard sensitive label for variable information labelling in dry environments $$$$$
Adestor Direct Thermal TC Top coated thermal label resistant to grease, moisture, plasticisers and UV light $$$$$
Adestor Fluorescent Matt coated label in four eye-catching ultra-bright colours for high-impact advertising. $$$$$
Adestor Gloss White cast coated premium labels with gloss finish $$$$$
Adestor Laser Uncoated paper suitable for laser printing with permanent or removable adhesive $$$$$
Adestor PVC A versatile self adhesive PVC face stock product $$$$$
APET Thermoforming Grade – Anti Block An anti-blocking APET thermoforming grade $$$$$
APET Thermoforming Grade – Non Silicone An extruded gloss clear rigid PET roll $$$$$
APET Thermoforming Grade – Silicone A gloss clear rigid PET with silicone coating material used for vacuum and pressure forming machinery $$$$$
Data Right A premium white uncoated forms paper $$$$$
Finoset A calendered, opaque and flexible PVC sheet designed for printing. $$$$$
Giroform Carbonless – Coated Back Giroform CB Top Sheet is a non-carbon fine paper. $$$$$
Giroform Carbonless – Coated Front Giroform CF Bottom Sheet is a non-carbon fine paper. $$$$$
Giroform Carbonless – Coated Front & Back A non-carbon fine paper middle sheet $$$$$
Giroform Sundries Sundries items that are used with carbonless papers. $$$$$
Grange Offset High white competitively priced laser/offset paper. $$$$$
Laminate BOPP Overlaminate An overlaminate grade allowing you to create elegant lamination finishes $$$$$
Mactac Clear On Clear Puretac Extremely clear 'no label look' film $$$$$
Mactac Direct Thermal Chemically treated and heat-sensitive for effective thermal printing $$$$$
Mactac Gloss White BOPP Top Coated A gloss white top coated biaxally oriented polypropylene face stock $$$$$
Mactac Laser Clear Matt PET A laser printable PET top coated multi-purpose label $$$$$
Mactac Macjet A medium weight uncoated flexible facestock $$$$$
Mactac Platinum A very bright, white semi-gloss coated sheet $$$$$
Mactac Thermal Transfer – Optiscan A premium thermal permanent transfer grade $$$$$
Mactac Tyre & Drum Label A topcoated white biaxally oriented polypropylene face stock $$$$$
Marathon Board An uncoated woodfree board $$$$$
Plasnet PP A range of Synthetic grade used across multiple applications $$$$$
Proinkjet Smart An industrial high speed inkjet paper
Prosecura Paper that can provide protection against unauthorised alterations. $$$$$
PVC Clear Gloss Window Face PVC Window Face is a gloss clear rigid PVC sheet $$$$$
PVC Thermoforming Grade – CH GEN A gloss clear rigid PVC thermoforming grade $$$$$
PVC Thermoforming Grade – HAN PVC Thermoforming grade - gloss clear $$$$$
PVC Thermoforming Grade – YCI PVC Thermoforming Grade is a gloss clear rigid PVC rolls $$$$$
Reflex Laser Australian made, specifically designed for high speed laser printing. $$$$$
Scanright A security paper designed for automatic data print operations $$$$$
Sovereign A2 – Gloss Double coated bright white A2 gloss paper, with optional carbon offset. $$$$$
Sovereign A2 – Silk Double coated bright white A2 silk paper, with optional carbon offset. $$$$$
Supreme Image Excellent carbonless paper choice for Dry Toner machines. $$$$$
Supreme Image Sundries Items are to be used with Carbonless papers. $$$$$
Thermoscript (Mitsubishi) Thermal print paper $$$$$
Valeron A super strong cross-laminated polyethylene film $$$$$
Valeron Pressure Sensitive A super strong, cross laminated thermal transfer pressure sensitive grade $$$$$
Wausau 100% Recycled Natural Kraft – Indigo Recycled natural kraft label with a rustic, earthy look for HP Indigo $$$$$
Wausau 100% Recycled Vellum 100% Recycled Vellum is the perfect “green” choice. $$$$$
Wausau Aged Agave 100% PCW material made with Agave Sisalane fibers from reclaimed burlap coffee bean bags $$$$$
Wausau Allure – Indigo Soft pearlescent facestock available with fine emboss or gloss finish made for HP Indigo $$$$$
Wausau Avon Brilliant White Classic Crest – Indigo Elegant bright white label for HP Indigo with a smooth, clean and crisp appearance $$$$$
Wausau Black Vellum – Indigo Black high quality uncoated paper top coated and optimised for HP Indigo presses $$$$$
Wausau Bright Silver Metalised Paper – Indigo Smooth bright silver metalised paper with the appearance of foil for HP Indigo $$$$$
Wausau Casa Blanca Its unique composition makes the paper transparent once in contact with a heat source such as hot foil stamping. $$$$$
Wausau Cherry Wood Real cherry wood veneer label face stock with the texture and grain of wood but has a smooth enough surface for printing $$$$$
Wausau Cotton Courtyard A 100% white cotton paper, designed for prestigious labeling applications such as wine bottles. $$$$$
Wausau Dull Silver Foil – Indigo Dull silver foil laminated to a paper base stock, HP Indigo certified $$$$$
Wausau Estate #4 Laid – Indigo Elegant white facestock with a laid finish for HP Indigo $$$$$
Wausau Estate #8 Vellum – Indigo Elegant white facestock with a vellum finish for high-speed bottling and prestigious wine or beverage labels $$$$$
Wausau Felt – Indigo A distinct felt-like texture with 30% PCW for HP Indigo $$$$$
Wausau High Gloss – Indigo Premium quality high gloss label with a mirror smooth surface for HP Indigo $$$$$
Wausau High Gloss – Inkjet Photo quality paper with a glossy finish for inkjet printing $$$$$
Wausau Ice White – Indigo Exceptionally bright white uncoated paper with high opacity and vellum finish for HP Indigo $$$$$
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