Labels & Packaging includes a myriad of products like pressure sensitive label material, synthetics, form products, decorative and thermal ticketing grades. Our state-of-the-art converting facility means that we can provide rolls configured to be press ready. Our products are backed by our specialist teams including dedicated sales and technical support.
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Wausau Matt (Uncoated) – Inkjet Lightweight photo and presentation paper with matt finish for inkjet printing applications $$$$$
Wausau Polypropylene – Inkjet White matt polypropylene engineered for inkjet printing applications $$$$$
Wausau Polypropylene (PP) – Indigo Biaxially orientated polypropylene film for HP Indigo in white, clear or metalised silver $$$$$
Wausau Semi Gloss – Indigo High quality semi gloss face stock with excellent gloss level $$$$$
Wausau Squeezable Polyolefin – Indigo Print treated squeezable Polyolefin film available in white or clear for HP Indigo $$$$$
Wausau White Stone Paper – Indigo Made from stone comes a unique texture and feel paper $$$$$
Wausau Wine Range – Felt Bright white distinct felt-like texture with 30% PCW $$$$$
Wausau Wine Range #8 Vellum Elegant white facestock with a vellum finish perfect for high-end wine, beer and spirit labelling $$$$$
Yenom BOPP Overlaminate A matte finished BOPP film $$$$$
Yenom Bright Foil An aluminum foil laminated to a white woodfree printing paper. $$$$$
Yenom Copyprint A matt brilliant white woodfree machine finished printing paper $$$$$
Yenom Crystal Clear BOPP Top Coated Ultra-clear, top-coated BOPP film $$$$$
Yenom Crystal Clear Corona Treated An ultra clear corona treated BOPP film $$$$$
Yenom Crystal Clear PET An ultra-clear, chemically treated polyester film. $$$$$
Yenom Direct Themal Non top-coated and Top-coated Direct Thermal paper $$$$$
Yenom Direct Thermal BOPP A direct thermal compatible BOPP film $$$$$
Yenom Fluorescent Colours A one sided top-coated fluorescent papers $$$$$
Yenom Gloss Art A white and glossy machine coated super-calendered stock $$$$$
Yenom Gloss White BOPP Corona Treated Gloss white corona treated BOPP film $$$$$
Yenom Gloss White BOPP Top Coated A bright gloss white, top-coated BOPP film. $$$$$
Yenom Kraft Liner A white coloured one side siliconized clay coated kraft release liner $$$$$
Yenom Matt White BOPP A matte white BOPP film $$$$$
Yenom Matt White PE A durable top-coated matte white polyethylene film $$$$$
Yenom Matte Art A matte-coated super-calendared woodfree printing paper $$$$$
Yenom Matte White PET Opaque matte white resin top-coated PET film $$$$$
Yenom Metallised Silver BOPP Top Coated A metallised top-coated BOPP film $$$$$
Yenom Pearl White BOPP Corona Treated Corona treated pearl white BOPP film $$$$$
Yenom Pharmascript A matte-coated super-calendered woodfree printing paper. $$$$$
Yenom Piggy Back Two thermal transfer layers laminated together $$$$$
Yenom PVC A PVC film stock available clear and white $$$$$
Items 61-90 of 97
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