We’re big in the packaging biz. Our range caters for everything from wrapping-up burgers, boxing up ice creams, bags for concrete, sending items in the post, to beautiful cosmetic packaging. With our converting facility and large range, Ball & Doggett have the raw materials for your next packaging job.
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Hi Q Greyback A premium grade duplex board containing a smooth, consistent clay coated surface and a natural, grey reverse side. $$$$$
Incada Silk A fully coated folding board with medium gloss level, designed for quality printing. $$$$$
Incada Silk – Digital Medium gloss 1-sided folding boxboard with a matt reverse, suitable for Dry Toner printing. $$$$$
IP Everest Board A true one-side coated SBS (Solid Bleached Sulphate) board. $$$$$
Jiffy – Padded Bags A strong mailing bag with padding. $$$$$
Jiffy – Utility Bags Strong economical mailing bag. $$$$$
Jiffy Aircap Rolls Heavy duty barrier bubble wrap. $$$$$
Jiffy Airlite Rolls Light duty barrier bubble wrap. $$$$$
Jiffy Gusseted Bags Jiffy Gusseted Bags is a strong economical mailing bag. $$$$$
Jiffy Lite Bags Premium paper and bubble lined bag. $$$$$
Jiffy Mail Lite Mailing Bags Premium plastic bubble mailer. $$$$$
Jiffy Mailer (CD) Jiffy Mailer (CD) is a premium plastic bubble mailer.
Jiffy Shurtuff Mailers A perfect non-cushioned alternative to a plastic mailer. $$$$$
Kappa Smurfit Solid Board A grey solid board made to accurate caliper utilising 100 % recycled fibre. $$$$$
Kappa White Lined Board One sided white board with high stiffness, extreme smoothness and luxury appearance. $$$$$
Klafold (reels) Klafold Kraftback is a triple clay-coated, kraftback board. $$$$$
Klafold (sheets) Klafold Kraftback is a triple clay-coated, kraftback board. $$$$$
Manilla Board A strong hi-density all purpose manilla board. $$$$$
Newsprint Quality recycled sheet, commonly used to print newspapers. $$$$$
Pallet Liners Liner that is Australian made and 100 % recycled available in special sizes made to order. $$$$$
Premium MG Wrapping Tissue Premium MG Wrapping Tissue that is machine glazed and bleached. $$$$$
Premium Wet Strength 32gsm bleached grease resistant food wrap that is food grade approved. $$$$$
Printkote Ovenable Reels SBS PET Polymer coated board with clear reverse coat. $$$$$
Printkote Reels PE Reverse coated SBS polyethylene board with high moisture and grease resistance. $$$$$
Simcote One sided fully coated folding board with a white matt finish. $$$$$
Spectrum Tissue Machine glazed high quality paper that is PH neutral and colour fast. Suitable to wrap clothing. $$$$$
Subzero CKB Coated economical freezer grade board with exceptional yield properties. $$$$$
Sumo Greaseproof Sumo Greaseproof is a one side coated folding carton board with an oil/grease resistance coating on the uncoated side. $$$$$
Sumo Hi-Bulk Coated one side, uncoated the other, offering excellent image reproduction.  $$$$$
Table Top Superior quality white table top paper that provides maximum protection with a perfect surface to write on. $$$$$
Items 31-60 of 61
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