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Advocate Laid An uncoated paper with a laid texture, available in white and natural. $$$$$
Advocate Linen A high white, uncoated paper with a linen texture. $$$$$
Advocate Smooth A premium high white, uncoated paper with excellent formation, available in white and cream. $$$$$
Advocate Vellum A high white, uncoated paper with a toothy texture, available in white. $$$$$
Atlas Buff Manilla Strong and durable board with a light buff shade. $$$$$
Barry Bleach Board [inc new shade] Bright white, ultra smooth, fully coated folding boxboard with coated back. $$$$$
Barry Uncoated Hard sized, white uncoated, OBA free, light weight folding boxboard. $$$$$
Beer Matt Board General purpose blotting board mainly used for drink coasters. $$$$$
Botany 100% Recycled 100% recycled and Australian made with a natural raw look and feel. $$$$$
Boxboard – Unlined & Pasted An unlined and pasted boxboard made from 100% recycled fibre. $$$$$
Buffalo Board Natural brown kraftboard with unique two-ply design, carbon neutral. $$$$$
Buffalo Board – Digital An unbleached, natural brown kraftboard with unique two-ply design.
Chill Board White one side coated kraft back board; ideal for fridge and freezer application. $$$$$
Colorplan A premium uncoated stock with a vellum texture, available in 55 colours and 3 different grammages. $$$$$
Conqueror Contour Subtle hammer embossed surface, certified carbon neutral $$$$$
Conqueror CX22 Ultra-smooth sheet, best for fine images, certified carbon neutral $$$$$
Conqueror CX22 100% Recycled Super silky bright white 100% recycled sheet $$$$$
Conqueror Laid Classic double lined design. $$$$$
Conqueror Laid 100% Recycled Clean white sheet with laid design. $$$$$
Conqueror Wove Smooth, cotton like, rich warm sheet. $$$$$
Conqueror Wove 100% Recycled Clean bright white, 100% recycled paper. $$$$$
Crocodile Board Australian made heavyweight pasted board available in four colours. $$$$$
Curious Collection Matter Unique surface with a sand-like but silky touch in bold and natural colours. $$$$$
Curious Collection Metallics Iridescent and metallic-effect range available in bold colours. $$$$$
Curious Collection Skin Incredibly uniform, matt surface in bold colours. $$$$$
Curious Collection Translucents Translucent, shimmering sheets in clear and light shaded hues. $$$$$
Cyber Premium A one-sided double coated folding boxboard. $$$$$
Cyclus Offset 100% Recycled A renowned 100% recycled offset paper available in a natural white shade. $$$$$
Cyclusprint Matt 100% Recycled Popular 100% recycled coated offset paper, with a visibly recycled look. $$$$$
D Board Two sided coated display board with a white center. $$$$$
Digi Press Permatrans – Inkjet A high quality image transfer paper.
Digi Press Permatrans – Laser & Indigo A high quality image transfer paper.
Double A Laser A super smooth surface with high opacity. $$$$$
E-Photo Lustre Photographic Paper A superior quality photo paper with high whiteness and smooth surface ability $$$$$
ecoStar+ 100% Recycled Gloss 100% recycled, bright white gloss coated paper. $$$$$
ecoStar+ 100% Recycled Silk 100% Recycled Silk is a bright white coated paper. $$$$$
ecoStar+ 100% Recycled Uncoated A laser guaranteed, bright white, uncoated paper. $$$$$
Enviro Board A natural brown recycled stock with an industrial look. $$$$$
Envirocare 100% Recycled Natural white recycled paper suitable for laser/offset printing. $$$$$
Extract Extract is a beautiful toothy paper stock that is made from recycling of coffee cups. $$$$$
Foopak Grease A white-back, oil and grease resistant paperboard.
Formakote Natura A coated one-sided manila-back folding box board
Formakote Sherpa Wet strength, coated one side, carrier board
Formakote Spectra Coated one side, kraft-back folding boxboard
Formakote White Coated two sides, white-back folding box board
Giroform Sundries Sundries items that are used with carbonless papers. $$$$$
GMUND 100% Cotton Pure organic cotton paper that is super soft and strong. $$$$$
GMUND Heidi A 100% Recycled paper, built for letterpress and offset printing. $$$$$
Grange Board Bright white multi-purpose board with high bulk and even surface. $$$$$
Grange Board – Tints Multi purpose board available in four pastel tints with high bulk and even surface. $$$$$
Grange Offset High white competitively priced laser/offset paper. $$$$$
Grange Tints High quality bond paper available in various pastel shades. $$$$$
Grange Tints High quality bond paper available in various pastel shades. $$$$$
Grizzly Kraftback Grizzly Kraftback is a high gloss triple clay-coated, kraftback board. $$$$$
HannoArt Plus – Gloss Bright white gloss coated sheet with exceptional bulk and value. $$$$$
HannoArt Plus – Silk Bright white silk coated sheet with exceptional bulk and value. $$$$$
heaven 42 A premium soft-matt coated stock. $$$$$
Hercules Greyback Recycled duplex board with a natural grey reverse side. $$$$$
Hi-Q Greyback A premium grade duplex board containing a smooth, consistent clay coated surface and a natural, grey reverse side. $$$$$
Impact Bright white speckle free 100% recycled paper, made carbon neutral. $$$$$
Items 1-60 of 136
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