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Adestor Digital Cast Gloss – Supertack Adestor Digital Cast Gloss- Supertack is a specially developed adhesive for use on digital printing systems.
Adestor Digital Vellum – Supertack Adestor Digital Vellum- Supertack is a specially developed adhesive for use on digitla printing systems.
Advocate Digital Laid An uncoated paper with a laid texture, available in white and natural.
Advocate Digital Linen A hi white uncoated paper with a linen texture.
Advocate Digital Smooth A premium high white uncoated paper with excellent formation, available in Xtreme White and Cream.
Barry Bleach Board – Digital [inc new shade] Bright white, ultra smooth, fully coated folding boxboard with coated back.
Botany 100% Recycled Digital 100% recycled and Australian made with a natural raw look and feel.
Boxboard – Digital Made from 100% recycled fibre in Australia.
ClingZ Indigo Electrically charged polypropolene film that sticks to a variety of surfaces without an adhesive.
Colorplan Digital Premium uncoated paper available in 51 colours and 3 grammages.
Conqueror Laid i-Tone Classic double lined design suitable for HP Indigo.
Conqueror Wove i-Tone Smooth, cotton like, rich warm sheet.
Crocodile Board – Digital Australian made, heavyweight pasted board available in four colours.
Curious Collection Matter i-Tone A tactile sand-like textured stock available in bold and natural colours.
Curious Collection Metallics i-Tone Innovative collection of vibrant metallic and iridescent colours with a glittery effect.
Curious Collection Skin i-Tone Tactile, silky smooth-to-touch paper in bright colours and a beautiful matt finish.
Curious Collection Translucent i-Tone A clear, translucent sheet perfect for a see-through effect.
Cyclus Offset 100% Recycled Digital A renowned 100% recycled paper available in a natural white shade.
Digi Color Laser SRA3 A reliable and economical paoer with superior smoothness.
DigiTuff Synthetic – Adhesive Selection of permanent, pressure sensitive and ultra removable adhesives for Dry Toner, Laser and Copier machines.
DigiTuff Synthetic – Pro White High quality, tough, durable and flexible media with excellent printability.
DigiTuff Synthetic – Recycled A tough, durable and flexible matt white, polyester film that eliminates the need to laminate
DigiTuff Synthetic – Specialty A range of specialty printing solutions including Metalik and Frosted stocks.
DigiTuff Synthetic – Specialty – Indigo Digi Tuff Synthetic- Specialty Indigo consists of two specialty printing solutions for the Indigo machine.
Double A Laser A super smooth surface and high opacity.
E-Photo Lustre Photographic Paper A superior quality photo paper with high whiteness and smooth surface ability
ecoStar+ 100% Recycled – Gloss Digital A high quality 100 % recycled Post consumer waste stock.
ecoStar+ 100% Recycled Silk – Digital A bright white, 100% recycled coated paper.
ecoStar+ 100% Recycled Uncoated – Digital Bright white, uncoated paper
ecoStar+ 100% Recycled Uncoated – Indigo Bright white, uncoated paper
EnDURO Digital Feels like paper, print like a synthetic.
Enviro Board – Digital A natural brown recycled stock with an industrial look.
Envirocare 100 % Recycled Digital Uncoated text and cover range featuring a warm natural white shade.
Giroform Digital Carbonless paper that is HP Indigo certified and works on all Drytoner machines.
Grange Board – Digital A reliable uncoated paper with high bulk and smooth surface.
Grange Offset – Digital Reliable, economical, uncoated Australian made paper.
Grange Tints High quality bond paper available in various pastel shades.
HannoArt Plus Gloss – Digital Bright white coated paper with gloss finish, offering superb balance between stiffness and printability.
HannoArt Plus Silk – Digital Bright white coated paper with matt finish, offering superb balance between stiffness and printability.
heaven 42 Digital A premium soft-matt coated stock.
Impact Digital Indigo 100% Recycled Bright white, speckle free, 100% recycled paper
Incada Silk – Digital Medium gloss, one-sided, folding boxboard with a matt reverse.
JAC Brilliant Gloss – Digital Cast coated gloss sheet with enhanced smoothness and whiteness.
JAC Dataflex – Digital Matt white high quality cast polyethylene (PE) Film for Dry Toner, HP Indigo, Laser and Offset.
JAC Vellum – Digital Uncoated high white face sheet specifically designed for high volume printing.
King Kong Hi-Bulk Art Digital Bright white double-sided art board with a gloss finish.
Knight Smooth – Digital High quality uncoated paper with superior smoothness.
Knight Smooth Digital – Indigo Crisp white, super smooth paper certified for HP Indigo.
Knight Textures Digital Linen and Hammer finish that run beautifully on Dry Toner and Laser machines.
Knight Vellum – Digital Soft toothy finish, offers strong ink holdout and bulkiness.
Knight Vellum Digital – Indigo Bright white paper with a soft toothy finish that is HP Indigo compatible.
Look! Digital Bright white, super calendered paper engineered for colour printing.
Magnecote Digital Indigo Unique, pre-magnetised substrate, HP Indigo compatible
Magnecote Digital Laser Unique magnetic product designed specifically for Dry Toner printing.
Maine Recycled Gloss – Digital Bright white, super smooth with gloss finish. Certified for HP Indigo and suitable for all digital presses.
Maine Recycled Silk – Digital Bright white, super smooth with silk finish. Certified for HP Indigo and suitable for all digital presses.
Mohawk Everyday Digital i-Tone Beautifully smooth off white paper, reliable on all digital machines.
Mohawk Loop i-Tone Earthy tones with a smooth finish, engineered for digital printing and certified for HP Indigo.
Mohawk Options 100% Recycled i-Tone Uncoated bright white 100% recycled paper made from post consumer waste.
Mohawk Superfine Eggshell i-Tone Beautiful textured paper combined with an elegant colour range.
Items 1-60 of 120
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