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ClingZ Indigo Electrically charged polypropolene film that sticks to a variety of surfaces without an adhesive. $$$$$
ClingZ Standard Offset An electrically charged polypropylene film. $$$$$
ClingZ Versaliner Offset An electrically charged polypropylene film. $$$$$
DigiTuff Synthetic – Recycled A matt white, opaque film $$$$$
DigiTuff Synthetic – Specialty A range of specialty printing solutions including Metalik and Frosted stocks. $$$$$
EnDURO Offset paper laminated to a PP core and Translucent paper laminated to a PET film. $$$$$
JPP Synthetic – C Grade Single structure polypropylene suited to applications that require rigidity. Highly tear and water resistant. $$$$$
JPP Synthetic – H Grade Clay coated, matt polypropylene for faster drying time and general offset printing. Water and tear resistant. $$$$$
JPP Synthetic – T Grade Whiter, more opaque and better flexibility than C grade. A semi gloss finish and superior tear resistance. $$$$$
Netcal CS Printable PVC Clear gloss rigid PVC sheet designed for sheet fed printing applications. $$$$$
Netcal WN White Gloss PVC A white gloss rigid PVC sheet for general printing purposes. $$$$$
Netcal WS White Matt PVC White matt rigid PVC sheet designed for general printing and stationery applications. $$$$$
Plasnet Sheets A range of white calendered polypropolene sheets with outstanding anti-static properties. $$$$$
SOS Catalina PVC Electrostatic Film A soft 150 micron PVC electrostatic film, available in white and clear. $$$$$
Tacky Electrostatic WF A self-clinging (electrostatic) vinyl in white or clear for indoor and outdoor applications. $$$$$
Teslin A durable and waterproof synthetic. $$$$$
Tyvek 1073D High density polyethylene fibred sheet with a swirl-like pattern. $$$$$
Yupo – Offset Produced with bi-axially oriented polypropolene (BOPP) film, making it extremely strong. $$$$$
Yupo – Offset Extra An enhanced surface for faster drying with oxidising inks. $$$$$
Yupo – Rapid Dry Dries like paper with conventional inks making, an ideal offset printing board. $$$$$
Yupo Blue Backlit Indigo A translucent backlit, frosted film. Specifically designed for small format digital back-lit applications. $$$$$
Yupo Octopus Offset Blockout Suction film, adheres to smooth surfaces using static charge, no residue. $$$$$
Items 1-22 of 22
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