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Date:8 July 2019 - 8 July 2020
State:All States

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One page business plan ecourse

A good business plan is like a great treasure map. The goal – the end objective – is clearly marked. As is the route needed to get there. All the hurdles and challenges are identified, and there’s a strategy to manage them. A good business plan makes getting to a goal easier because the route is documented.

The course takes you through the route. It is specifically written for graphic designers. It’s easy to follow, divided into seven sections with seven videos, all supported by downloadable PDF sheets and a plethora of supporting further reading and links to web resources.

Get last year’s tax return, commit approximately 8 hours and you’ll have comprehensive business plan – a roadmap for your success – complete with a ‘to do’ list written to get you new business.


Job pricing ecourse

Most studios make the mistake of costing on a historical basis. Rates are based on what their previous employer charged, or what they think their competitors charge. Ever wonder what you should be charging? Ever wonder how much it actually costs you to open the doors.

This ecourse outlines how to build an accurate job costing system based on the true costs of running your studio. It’s perfect for owners keen to understand the real costs of running an Australian creative studio.


Design value proposition ecourse

In the past it was easier for one studio to stand apart from others but it’s increasingly becoming difficult. We study at similar courses, we use the same computers using the same software. Added to that, our websites use similar words to explain what we do and how we do it. No wonder clients find it hard to differentiate studios.

This online, self-paced ecourse introduces a process to help designers find their ‘onlyness’. It includes videos, practical activities, downloads and further readings that demonstrate how to find and write your design value proposition. A design value proposition is a pitch for new business – it’s tailored to your clients, describing your skills and your experience.

The ecourse is perfect for all creative business owners seeking clarity about what they do.


About Design Business Council

Design Business Council bridges the gap between design and business. They help creatives develop business capabilities and businesses understand the value design delivers.



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