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One of our core values is sustainability so naturally (pardon the pun), protecting our natural resources is important. One way to demonstrate your commitment to the environment is by choosing paper with a low carbon footprint. Many mills now manufacture with renewable energy and aim to reduce water usage and waste – processes that have had unavoidable emissions offset to zero (or neutralised).


What is carbon neutral?

Carbon neutral means net zero carbon emissions balanced by offsetting the measured amount of carbon released into the atmosphere by verifiable carbon credits. As our everyday activities produce carbon dioxide emissions, programs have been put in place by organisations (and individuals) to reduce, offset and manage greenhouse gases, while restoring natural resources. An offset is an initiative that funds emission free energy projects such as wind farms, which are verifiable and traceable.


What is carbon neutral paper?

A carbon neutral paper means the paper has been manufactured by a paper mill that has measured their entire carbon footprint from the amount of greenhouse gases (carbon emissions) they produce through the burning of fossil fuels for electricity, manufacturing and transportation and their impact on the environment. The next step is to minimise and offset all of these carbon emissions to zero.

We work with paper mills to measure their carbon footprint, so that we can offer paper as carbon neutral. Carbon neutrality has various levels of credentials. It’s important that we know where the calculations begin and end, so that we don’t mislead our customers. Ball & Doggett offers a selection of carbon neutral papers.

CLICK HERE for a full list of carbon neutral papers.


Carbon neutral product labelling

Display a ‘Paper Made Carbon Neutral’ or ‘Certified Carbon Neutral’ logo on your publication to demonstrate your environmental commitment. All of our products have been independently audited by third-party carbon accountants and include a full life cycle assessment from raw material (seedling/cradle), through to customer (either B&D or printer). Mostly the carbon neutral papers we sell fall under this ‘cradle-to-customer’ model, which means the auditors have accounted for and offset all the greenhouse gas emissions for the actual processes that take place up until we hand the paper over. We can also:

  • Provide you with an environmental tagline or product statement such as ‘Printed on paper that has been ‘manufactured to be carbon neutral’ or ‘been carbon offset’ etc.
  • Carbon neutral fact sheets with full details of the product’s life cycle analysis and offset projects, available from the ‘product profile’ page on the website (just search for the paper’s name).

It’s important that we provide your customers with the most appropriate information about your job as some carbon neutral logos can be misleading, meaning they imply the entire print and delivery process is carbon neutral. For example, a job may have been printed on carbon neutral paper but the print and delivery process may not be. This can be demonstrated by observing the cradle-to-customer cycle.