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That’s right, we actually mix inks! Getting an ink mixed ensures consistency across all of your print communications. We have a facility in each state too. At Ball & Doggett we can:

  • Match Pantone colour blends and/or custom colours to meet your individual specifications.
  • We can create a library of colours to give you greater colour consistency each time.
  • We offer a stringent quality control process, utilising a an X-Rite eXact photo spectrometer for efficient colour matching and quality control.
  • Formulations are held on our national database so if you need to get printing done in a state other than the one you’re located in, you can get the same ink made.
  • Spot colours offer the brand owner and designer higher quality, cleaner constant colours than 4 colour builds.


More on spot colours

  • If consistent colour matching is important to ensure the success of your design and your brand’s colour palette is represented consistently, spot colours are the way to go.
  • Spot or solid colours are also best for tiny type, tiny reverse type and those precious 0.5-point lines.
  • Spot colours often look cleaner and brighter than four colour process print.
  • If your design includes large areas of tints or percentages of a colour that must match from one spread to the next, using spot colours will make that easier to accomplish.


Environmental inks

There are two main advantages of using environmental ‘green’ inks over ones that contain mineral oil that are distilled from crude oil:

  1. Eco inks are lower in V.O.C’s ie volatile organic compounds.
  2. Vegetable oils (modified fatty esters), are sourced from renewable sources such as soybean, coconut and palm.

We have two products that are good for brands where corporate social responsibility is at the top of their list. They are Pacifica and Acrylic-MGA.

Pacifica is a mineral, oil-free, so unlike many inks, is not derived from crude oil. Made instead from highly pure raw materials like (in other words no nasty stuff) these inks have significantly less odour.
Acrylac-MGA is the ink best used for food packaging as its made from water based coating. Better for the environment, better for our health!


Need an ink mixed?

Please click here and fill out our ink mixing form. It will assist the lab with making an informed decision on the raw materials selected for the ink mix/colour match. We’ll then match the colour on a standard coated or uncoated paper. Or we can use the paper you’ll be printing on, just send us some samples. Once the form is done, send it to one of the contacts below depending on what state you are in. If you need to know specifics, please call their mobile.

Sam Varughese, General Manager, 0409 901 269
David Browne, National Sales & Technical Manager, 0417 194 854
Michael Golby, Technical Account Manager – Victoria, 0417 117 930
Shekhar Kulkarni, Technical Account Manager – New South Wales, 0412 298 446
Rick Alamango, Sales Executive – New South Wales, 0409 225 489
Shane Harvey, Sales Executive – Queensland, 0408 199 584
Ben Currie, Sales Executive – South Australia, 0414 886 876
Roger Gee, Sales Executive – Victoria, 0404 461 451
Jeff Ireland, Sales Executive – Western Australia, 0407 928 243
David Handford, Ink Support Technician – South Australia, 0400 537 808

Please note, all emails are