19 January 2015 Pop-9

Snap, crackle, Pop’Set, our latest digital promo is here.

Check out Pop’Set, the latest and brightest addition to our Doggett Digital range. Ideal for business cards and invitations that say ‘hello’. Read more

16 October 2014 tacky6

Tacky is now ready for Dry Toner printing

The newest kid on the Doggett Digital block is engineered for use on Dry Toner machines. Digitally print wall stickers, both white and clear, permanent and non. It's all there, in a haze of porcelain and doilies. Read more

25 August 2014 4

NexPress Gold Dry Ink is the bling without the price tag

NexPress Gold Dry Ink is a digital print technique you might not know about. Rather than a foil, the gold print creates a shimmer effect and is part of the printing process. Read more

30 June 2014 DD_1

A range of digital papers that are best in show

Hot diggity Doggett Digital has arrived! We've gathered our papers and other digital products under the one umbrella to make our customers lives simpler when it comes to choosing digital stocks. Read more

13 October 2013 Skin_2

Skin Curious Collection

Did you hear? We recently revealed our Skin. A new unique collection of speciality papers that is. Skin Curious Collection is a smooth yet silky range with a distinct matt finish. To launch this exciting new product, we produced a small promo of four A5 cards to show the print quality of the stock as well as a brand spanking new swatch. Read more

12 September 2012 Digital Deck_4

Our Digital Deck has arrived!

If you would like to step through this doorway please. Soon, you will enter the world of digital printing and dry toner technologies. There are lasers, line screens and precision crafted instruments galore – they could be dangerous so mind your head and watch your step. Ok, enough indulgence. There actually is a point here! Our brand spanking new Digital Deck has arrived, complete with whacky fluoro string art to make any 80s child brim with pride. Read more