14 December 2015 Patch-5

Patch property brochure by Studio Hi Ho

Owning your own patch is part of the Australian dream. Patch is a Melbourne development that has a property brochure to go with it that's one of the best we've seen in 2015. Read more

13 December 2013 D Designs_6

Dinosaur Designs booklet

Dinosaur Designs is one of the Australia’s most celebrated brands in jewellery, homewares and objet d’art. Their latest publication is a highly collectible piece with its sublime design and photography. Read more

12 December 2013 Gorman_4

Gorman colouring book

Tin&Ed from downtown Fitzroy have created a colouring book (for big kids just like us), especially for the release of Lisa Gorman’s new home wares range – Gorman Home Time. Read more

2 July 2013 Bird-self-promtional-posters

Bird self promotional posters

Each self-promotional poster by Bird features hand drawn and vector illustrations and a unique fluorescent colour (pink, yellow, green, red) topped off with silver metallic foil. A true project of experimentation which had our paper sensibilities going c-r-a-z-y. Read more

6 December 2012 High-fangs_7

High Fangs band collateral

Grosz Co.Lab, a Melbourne based design studio, have crafted a graphic language for High Fangs, a Melbourne three piece. A truly original visual aesthetic that encapsulates the band’s DIY rough and ready sound and live performance reputation has been created. Read more

17 October 2012 HannoArt Music_5

2012 HannoArt promotion – strum a chord for a legend

“The time I burned my guitar it was like a sacrifice. You sacrifice the things you love. I love my guitar,” Jimi Hendrix. Ok, so does that mean we need to burn paper to prove we love it? We figured a bonfire in the back of the warehouse would most likely breach an OH&S rule. A paper promotion seemed a much safer option! Read more