5 August 2014 Bondi-2

Bondi Whiteback, our newest packaging grade

Bondi Whiteback is a name we came up for the latest addition to our packaging portfolio. One of our favourite Bondi surfers and lovers of paper became the face of this new range. Read more

1 July 2014 Soccer-4

The Cocktail Cup by The Bureau

The Bureau in Melbourne has created these patriotic posters featuring match details and recipe instructions so you can kick off your own ‘cocktail cup’ at home. Read more

30 June 2014 DD_1

A range of digital papers that are best in show

Hot diggity Doggett Digital has arrived! We've gathered our papers and other digital products under the one umbrella to make our customers lives simpler when it comes to choosing digital stocks. Read more

27 March 2014 Tacky-10

Tacky, for communications that stick!

Tacky is the newest addition to our Doggett Digital range. Used for indoor/outdoor advertising, wall decals, point of sale and car stickers. And we have a challenge for you Instagrammers out there! See bottom of post. Read more

18 October 2013 HP_1

Introducing the new HP Indigo 10000

Sounds like it could be the model of a plane but alas it is not. It's the newest digital press in our market. The HP Indigo 10000 outputs B2 size printing and true offset quality using a plate to blanket to paper transfer of ink. Read more

13 October 2013 Skin_2

Skin Curious Collection

Did you hear? We recently revealed our Skin. A new unique collection of speciality papers that is. Skin Curious Collection is a smooth yet silky range with a distinct matt finish. To launch this exciting new product, we produced a small promo of four A5 cards to show the print quality of the stock as well as a brand spanking new swatch. Read more