14 May 2017 Crux_9

The Crux & Co. brand identity by Hue Studio

We got the low down from Vian at Hue Studio about the importance of collaborative working relationships and how branding impacts the customer experience. Read more

24 April 2017 Groz-Co_1

A unique scented product range by Grosz Co.Lab

Bespoke scented products designed by Grosz Co.Lab. A first for the Australian Red Cross. The packaging is stand-out. Read more

15 February 2016 24K-Image-1

Beautiful product packaging by Lepaar

Local designers Lepaar share the process behind some very luxe packaging, created for their own 24K Precious Face Oil. Read more

8 December 2015 Top-11

Our top five packaging picks of 2015

Packaging always floats our boat. It's the branding, the use of substrates, the perfect use of colour to differentiate and make a mark. In this post we bring you our top five packaging jobs of 2015. Read more

27 November 2015 Knobby-3

A surprise package for your ah-hum, package.

Custom men's underwear brand Knobby is shaking things up with their ultra cool prints and monthly subscription delivery service. Read more

5 August 2015 tmb1

The Merchant Apartments brochure by Them Advertising

Property pieces come in all shapes and sizes. This one is a large format, well designed winner with a wicked slip case made from a packaging grade paper, that even has a double purpose. Read more